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Kost nyaman & fasilitas lengkap di daerah Tomang, Jakarta Barat

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List of books sorted by Book's Title :

a , b , c , d , e , f , g , h , i , j , k , l , m , n , o , p , q , r , s , t , u , v , w , x , y , z


Download list of available books sorted by Author's Name

(To download Paperback Books' catalogue: "right click" then "Save Target As ...." ; 220 KB (Excel file)

526 new exciting novels !!



Paperback Books

History of my Paperback Books collection

These are my personal paperback books collection. I started buying and collecting these paperback books since many years ago.

I love reading books, either fiction or non fiction besides the more heavy text book stuff for business, history, archaeology, social and science books.

I bought these paperback books in Indonesia and from overseas when I am on business trips, either new or second hand. The new and second hand books that I bought from overseas are mostly from the US, UK, Singapore and Australia.

In time I have accumulated hundreds of paperback books and text books of the more heavy and academic stuff.

But then what to do with these paperback books ? My bookcase is becoming full of it and I could not add more book cases in my study room.

Meantime, some of myfriends also asked me to sell their paperback books collection on my web.


Web Sales

You could choose the books by downloading "Download complete list of books sorted by Author's Name" above. You would then see a list of the books sorted by ascending Author's Name.

Each book has the information for the number of pages, the condition of the book and Selling Price.


Let me explain about the coding that I use for the condition of a book. I use a range from 1 to 5 coding condition with reference to second hand books. New books has no coding for the condition of the book since they are new and would be in good condition.

Code 1 condition means that the book is in Bad  condition (loose pages, torn pages, scratch or torn cover, brownish paper due to humidity and oxidation in a tropical climate like Indonesia) but still perfectly readable.

Code 2 means the condition of the book is Below Average  but better than code 1 condition.

Code 3 means the book is in Average  condition with minimal torn pages and scratch or torn cover but still brownish pages due to oxidation and humidity.

Code 4 is a book in Good  condition but still brownish pages

Code 5 is what I call Very Good  (for used books) condition for a second hand book. Good condition of front and back cover, still white pages and might look like a new book.

The Selling Price for each book is based on the number of pages and its condition. Using a formulae that I created, the prices would be automatically calculated using Excel. The prices are such that it is worthwhile for my troubles but still very economical in comparison to buying new paperback books from a bookstore which you would read it only once.


Method of Payment

You could order by sending an email to me using the email addres :  and stating the number book/books you want to buy and transfer the payment to either of my Bank Accounts number :

1. Bank BCA  A/C No. 573-011-8360  ; Frans Djiwatampu

2. Bank Mandiri  A/C No. 120-00041-41789  ; Frans Djiwatampu

Please take note that the price list of the books shown are not including the Courier service cost to send it to your address.

For this, I would inform you either by email or SMS the cost of the Courier service.

The book/books you order would be sent to your city address after I received a confirmation of your transfer payment or by checking my Bank Accounts through Internet Banking method.


Visiting the library and choosing the books you want to buy

If you are in Jakarta, you are welcome to visit my place and choose the books yourself.

If possible, I would appreciate if you could call my place first before visiting since at the moment I haven't prepared a private place yet for the library. It is inside my house, on the 2nd floor, and not secluded for privacy like a normal bookstore.

I have to remind you that I have 3 pet dogs and they would give loud noisy barks for guests visiting my place. Although they won't bite you but they might scare you a bit if you are not used to dogs.

Visiting hours (myself or somebody else would take care of you):

Monday-Friday: 8.00 - 20.00

Saturday, Sunday, Holidays: 9.00 - 20.00

My house address:

Name: Frans

Jl. Cempaka Putih Barat V No.7A (See area map of my address - red square mark is No. 7A, Detail Location & Front view photo of my house).

(2nd street behind Cempaka Putih Shopping Center & Pasar Cempaka Putih at Jl. Letjen. Suprapto).

Jakarta Pusat 10520

Home phone: 021-424-1056 ; 0856-9351-03260 (Karsini) ; Mobile: 0816-711-398 (Frans)


Address Map ; Detail Location ; House Photo


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