- Our Story -

Our Humble Beginnings

Paperback started small in Tropical Far North Queensland with just a few members who all share the same passions for reading and the environment. Through our mutual interests, we learned so many things and made so many new friendships. We saw the joy in others when picking up their favourite book off the shelves. We have been a part of and witnessed the craziness of fandoms when an author releases a new book. These are where our initial ideas began. 
So many of us connect over our favourite stories and we aim to provide a safe community for all passionate readers!

After I studied a topic at University that opened my mind to the alarming issues surrounding waste pollution I decided to share that information as well as expand on how much of that is related to books. The answers were shocking. Millions of books are produced every year, millions of books are thrown away each year with paper waste accounting for 26% of all waste pollution. As much as it saddens those of us with a love of books, the environmental impacts can be detrimental. All of this just added fuel to our passions, driving us to want to reduce these impacts in any way we can. 

And with your help, we can begin to make a change.
So Join Us today and be able to:

        - buy and sell second-hand books
        - trade or give away books with other members
        - donate books
        - create and join chats about your favourite authors and books
        - create wishlists with books you wish to read

How donating works

From all of us here at Paperback, we thank each and every one of you for your contributions towards reducing the amount of books thrown away each year. Here is how you can donate:

1. Prepare your books for donation. We accept books in any condition including damaged and torn.

2. Drop them off at one of our drop-off locations found on our Locations Map. If you have any suggestions for locations then send us an email and we will see what we can do. 

3. The books are then collected from one of these locations and arrive at one of our office locations. We then sort through the books deciding what can be reused, what can be saved, and what needs to be recycled. 

4. The books are then added to our Library, donated further to those in need or sent to recycling treatment plants where absolutely necessary.