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Here you will find our collection curated by the team here at Paperback. Alot of these books are donated or purchased second-hand to save them from being thrown away. We do our best to make sure all books added to our collection are of the best possible quality for you. We aim to add more to the Library as often as possible and as we increase drop-off locations for donations our collection should expand even further. Scroll down to view our collection!

Recently Added:
The Stand - Stephen King
A post-apocalyptic story where survivors rebuild from the ground up
I, Claudius - Robert Graves
Narrated by an elderly Roman Emperor Claudius. this book follows the history of the early Roman Empire.
Tomorrow when the war began - John Marsden
A group of teens go camping in the bush on a weekend another country invades. Do they stay in hiding or surrender?
The last White Rose - Alison Weir
A fictional story of the life of mother to Henry the VIII, Elizabeth of York.
Recently Added:
The Romanovs - A Captivating History
A history of the entire Romanov Dynasty going right up to the Russian Revolution.
A Cultural Atlas of Ancient Egypt - John Baines, Jaromir Malek
Written by two distinguished Egyptologists, the book covers art, architecture, monuments, society, daily life, hieroglyphics, and the pyramids.
Historical Fiction:
Temple of Rome - Julius Lomo
The adventures of Emperor Julius Caesar
King Richard - David Hill
A chronicle of the reign of King Richard
Recently Added:
The Catherine Howard Conspiracy - Alexandra Walsh
Going between the past and present, this story follows twins Perdita and Piper as they uncover the truth behind Henry VIII's 5th wife Catherine Howard.
The Haunted Queen - Alison Weir
A fictional story about Henry VIII's third wife Jane Seymour.
Between Two Kings - Olivia Longueville
An alternative reality where instead of being executed, Anne Boleyn becomes Queen of France.
Timeless Falcon - Philippa Vincent-Connolly
Beth is transported back in time to Tudor England where she befriends Anne Boleyn.
Recently Added:
A Court of Thorns and Roses - Sarah J Maas
Follow Feyre into the faerie realm of Prythian as she pays a debt to the high lord of Spring.
Read the book series that started a global phenomenon
Recently Added:
House of Earth and Blood - Sarah J Maas
The story of half human, half fae Bryce Quinlan as she goes through a great tragedy setting her on a careless path for revenge.
The Lord of the Rings - J.R.R.Tolkien
A powerful ring sought by many falls into the hands of young hobbit Frodo Baggins. The beginning of his adventures to Mt Doom to destroy it.
Recently Added:
Mystery and Thriller:
The Silent Hour - Michael Koryta
A part of an award winning PI series, a convicted murderer asks Lincoln Perry to find the missing daughter of a Mafia Don.
The lost sister - ML Rose
A vicious killer stalks the same place Detective
Chief Inspector Arla Bakers sister
disappeared from 16 years ago.
Invisible Girl - Lisa Jewell
A group of people's lives shockingly intersect when a young woman disappears.
Curtain Call - Denise Grover Swank
Magnolia Steele has nothing left to lose. Her father is a criminal, her mother is dead and her two closest allies, her boyfriend and sister in law have broken her trust.
Recently Added:

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